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Industries Which Get the Most Benefits by Using LaFinteca

The main technological stack of LaFinteca and some industries’ primary solutions are often identical. Yet, owners of businesses in those industries would benefit more by using LaFinteca due to better and faster workflow.

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A cutting-edge payment solution tailored for esports platforms, streamlining transactions and providing seamless financial experiences for gamers and organizers alike.

E-commerce stores (all types)

The payment service for E-commerce stores offers streamlined transactions, enhanced security features, and expanded customer reach, fostering increased sales and customer satisfaction.


A streamlined payment solution for digital wallets, enhancing user convenience and security in online transactions.


The main focus in this niche is on payment conversion, accessibility of all methods, and a simple payment process.

Virtual & augmented reality

An innovative payment solution designed for virtual and augmented reality platforms, facilitating seamless transactions and enhancing user experiences in immersive environments.

Telehealth and eMedicine

The benefits of the payment service for Telehealth and eMedicine include enhanced patient convenience, secure transactions, and streamlined billing processes.

IRL big data gathering & analysis

A payment solution tailored for real-world big data gathering and analysis, facilitating seamless transactions and providing valuable insights for businesses.

Video streaming services

Payment services for video streaming services include convenient subscription management, secure transactions and enhanced user experience.


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