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Voiceof Payments

The journey to all payment solutions in Latin America starts here, with the bravest innovations ideas, comprehensive research in the financial industry and continues with actual stories and successes of our customers.

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Our way

Reliable payment solutions are the core of our journey.

We do not guess - we test.

Titles do not make leaders. Actions do.

A customized approach to service.

Innovations in action.

Our ecosystem of partners

We enhance our technological and business capacities through a strong ecosystem of market leaders and innovators.

Results-based Relationships

LaFinteca's values are all about customer service. From the launch of the first payment solutions project in Eastern European countries in 2018 to being an innovator in the financial technology industry in Latin America, we don't just seize the opportunities - we create them.

At LaFinteca, we believe in creating the future, rather than the present, always purposefully expandingthe boundaries, using a strategic approach. Hard financial data is far more important than soft metrics.

By improving payment conversion through authentic life experiences, at LF we understand that financial goals are more than just numbers.

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